Multiple Teams · Middle School Swimmers Compete at ACAC

Congratulations to the Middle School Swimmers on a successful season. Place winners at Saturdays ACAC swim meet were:
1M Diving: Brianna Cook 1st, Miranda Hedington 2nd, Lily Anderson 4th
200 yard Medley: AC 4th place (Bowman, Frauhiger, Rinkenberger, Bloom)
200 Yard Freestyle: Danee Bowman 2nd, Samantha Bloom 4th
100 Yard IM: Maggie Bluhm 9th
50 Yard Freestyle: Saige Rinkenberger 4th, Avree Armes 10th
50 Yard Butterfly: Sydney Armes 4th, Jada Isch 5th, Brianna Cook 10th
100 Yard Freestyle: Samantha Bloom 5th, Avree Armes 7th
400 Yard Freestyle: Saige Rinkenberger 3rd, Hallie Frauhiger 4th, Lily Anderson 6th
200 Yard Freestyle Relay: AC-A 5th (Hedington, Armes, Cook, Anderson), AC-B 7th (Bluhm, Isch, Armes, Martinez)
100 Yard Backstroke: Danee Bowman 2nd, Jada Isch 8th
100 Yard Breaststroke: Hallie Frauhiger 8th, Maggie Bluhm 10th
300 Yard Freestyle: AC-A 2nd (Bloom, Bowman, Rinkenberger, Frauhiger), AC-B (Cook, Anderson, Hedington, Martinez) 7th


Boy’s Results:

200 yard Medley: AC-A 2nd place (Kaehr, Roby, Anderson, Crockett), AC-B (Beymer, Connelley, Christner, Agler) 6th
200 Yard Freestyle: Jadon Agler 3rd, Korbin Connelley 5th, Desimond Barr 6th
100 Yard IM: Jake Kaehr 2nd, Luke Roby 3rd, Connor Cook 5th
50 Yard Freestyle: Noah Crockett 2nd, Alex Anderson 6th, Cole Beymer 8th
50 Yard Butterfly: Alex Anderson 2nd, Connor Cook 3rd, Aaron Christner 9th
100 Yard Freestyle: Jadon Agler 2nd, Sabatian Hathaway 4th, Cole Beymer 10th
400 Yard Freestyle: Noah Crockett 1st, Jake Kaehr 3rd
200 Yard Freestyle Relay: AC-A 3rd (Christner, Cook, Barr, Hathaway)
100 Yard Backstroke: Aaron Christner 3rd, Desimond Barr 8th
100 Yard Breaststroke: Luke Roby 3rd, Korbin Connelley 7th
300 Yard Freestyle: AC-A 2nd (Kaehr, Crockett, Agler, Anderson), AC-B (Beymer, Cook, Connelley, Barr) 4th

Great Season Jets!