Jets News · Adams Memorial to Provide Functional Movement Screenings at AC

On Wednesday April 1st from 5-7PM in the SAC on Court 1 Sarah Conrad of Adams Memorial Hospital will be offering Functional Movement Screenings for any athlete aged 8-18.  This will be a short series of movements to test the athletes’ ability to complete athletic movements.  They will receive a score to tell them how well they move and how to improvement their movements to become proactive in injury prevention.

Functional Movement Screenings set the ground work for all training purposes. Athletes must have the ability to move through functional and fundamental patterns (determined by the Functional Movement Screens). These patterns are not sport specific. They just place athletes in positions where weaknesses, imbalances, asymmetries and limitations become very noticeable to trained professionals. Those who score poorly on the tests are using compensatory movement patterns (during basic movement or regular activity). When these compensations continue – especially at higher intensity levels, poor biomechanics are reinforced and the athlete is at a much higher risk of injury and the ability for the athlete to increase power and efficiency is compromised.

Many top high school athletes find that they are generating a significant amount of power, but with many restrictions and limitations in functional movement. By identifying these limitations in functional movement, we are able to provide training strategies that will allow the athlete to generate a higher level of power production and thereby, improve sport specific skills. Targeting functional movement patterns in training allow us to best target areas of potential injury and allows the athlete to realize untapped performance.

Join us April 1st to learn how to continue to improve your athletic abilities and prevent costly injuries!  Enter through door NW2.